Always a Bridesmaid!

It seems like so many people are getting hitched these days, and I LOOOVE it! I’m 24, and so all my friends from school are just starting to get married, which is awesome for two reasons. A.) Because they’ve found the love of their lives and I’m overwhelmingly happy for them (I mean it, I could cry just thinking about us as kids and now seeing them all grown up and getting married), and B.) Because I get to wear a pretty outfit to the wedding, heheh!

My oldest and dearest friend, Mel, is getting married this November and I just picked out my bridesmaid dress over the weekend. She gave us two stipulations: it has to be in the David’s Bridal color “marine,” and we have to have matching shoes. Aside from that, we’re free to choose whichever dress we like!

Now, Mel still lives in my home town down in Virginia, and I’m living in Pittsburgh. That means I had to go it alone (well, not quite alone. My boyfriend came with me to tell me everything looks nice, haha!). I had four dresses in mind and went with my very favorite:

Sweetheart Ruched Dress with Full Skirt by David’s Bridal

Of COURSE I zeroed in on the only dress with a 50’s silhouette! I was really worried about my bust not fitting into the dress properly, but it actually looked great! And, to my surprise, I was 3 sizes smaller than the last time I was a bridesmaid! All my work is paying off! I hope it still fits (one way or another) when I wear it this November.

What I’m MOST excited about, though, are the shoes! I’ve never worn heels in my life. Really. No, REALLY. I’ve always been a flats and boots kind of gal. So, imagine my surprise when I tried on a pair of 4″ heel and they were both really easy to walk in AND really comfortable! Who knew! A whole new world is open to me now! Here’s what I got:

Satin Peep-toe Platform Heels by David’s Bridal

So cute!!

I’m actually going to a wedding this weekend as well. This time it’ll be my boyfriend’s childhood friend, Andy. Here’s what I’ll be wearing:

Sincerely Mint Dress by Modcloth

Apparently I got the last one, too! Score! Not exaaaactly how I’m going to style it yet. We’ll see! Maybe with a white cardigan, a pink tie and pink shoes?? Hmm.

Anyway, sorry for being so inactive lately. I’ve been a busy bee! Ahhhh!


To Be or Not To Be! PLUS, busty-gal shopping woes.

Hooray, it’s finally here! In case you didn’t know, the above is a Choose Your Own Adventure version of Hamlet called To Be or Not To Be: That is the Adventure! If that weren’t rad enough, it also DESTROYED the Kickstarter record for most funded book! When I saw that A.) Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics (I’ve been reading it pretty much every single day for 10 years, wow!) would be writing it, and B.) The list of comickers that would be working on illustrations for it, I HAD to have it. For those who didn’t fund it, it’s up for pre-order HERE.

Since becoming fully-funded (on the first day, mind you), more illustrations were added, made full-color, gifts were given out. Oh my gosh. And now it’s finally here! Hoorah! I’ll let you know how amazing it is later on. I just had to share my excitement (hence the crazy eyes in the picture).


So I’ve got three weddings to go to in the next three months and I’m in need of a new dress or two to wear to these events! I recently ordered this one from Modcloth for a wedding with a light lunch after:

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