Librarians aint nothin’ but mammals.

Last night was the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh winter party! I was so sad that I’d missed it last year because I was too new to the system, but I got to go this time and it was a blast! Really great turn-out with around 200 or 300 or so people there (not to mention, it was catered by local favorite Mad Mex)! At let me tell you. Librarians love to party.

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t librarians something like this:

Well, nope! Librarians now-a-days are mostly young alternative folks. You’re more likely to find someone with dreads and a septum piercing or a 30-something male children’s librarian who loves surfing than an older lady now-a-days. I feel out of place because I DON’T have a tattoo or unnatural hair color (hopefully both of those things will change soon!).

And they LOVE a party. Especially if it’s a gathering of librarians. Let’s just say, I think a few people found a way to bypass the two drink tickets they were issued at the door. Case in point, a video from last night:


Public Library Tips!

So you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Dang, this chick is condescending! Who on earth needs tips for visiting a library?! GRR.” Well yeah,  that’s what I thought too.

And maybe that’s true. But now that I’ve been working in libraries for two years, I realize that that is SO far from the truth. Things that annoy me on a daily basis at work because it’s second-hand knowledge for me could be completely foreign to someone who hasn’t visited in a few years or ever! And even if you do visit often, there could be things you don’t realize!

Here’s just a few of my tips!

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