Muses vol. 1: Domoto Tsuyoshi

One type of post that I’ve really wanted to do is a weekly “muses” kind of thing. Basically a post each week on a person (or something!) that has inspired me in some way or has had a big impact on my life in general.

For my first post, I thought, “who better than my single biggest inspiration of all time?”

Domoto Tsuyoshi!

My intense respect and admiration for Domoto Tsuyoshi started back in 2006, while I was studying abroad in Japan. I was walking around in Shibuya an happened to see the latest KinKi Kids (the duo he’s a part of with Domoto Koichi (no relation)) music video, Natsu Moyou, on a huge screen on the outside of the Tower Records building. I was instantly mesmerized! Not attracted or anything. Just mesmerized.

From then on, I became a super fan. I found out that Tsuyoshi also had many solo projects and I dedicated hours and hours of time and hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars on Tsuyoshi’s and KinKi Kids’ CDs, DVDs, and magazines! For YEARS!

Aside from a unique and expressive voice, he’s known for his interesting and sometimes outlandish clothes. He’s a fashion icon in Japan that draws attention both negative and positive. So HERE YA GO. SOME PICS ALRIGHT.

He’s a truly beautiful soul– very spiritual and thoughtful. He’s fought through intense mental health issues and a lot of outside adversity from anti-fans, and is still un-jaded and gentle. He’s really actually my hero.