Wednesday Wants Vol. 25

Hey dudes! This was actually a kind of tough one. I have SO little money right now that I can’t even afford to think about wanting things, haha. But hey, I can always find a little something. So lets’a go!

1.) Floral Boots via Taobao

What would I do for these boots? Pssh, don’t even ask me– you don’t wanna know! They combine all my loves! Boots, floral print, and metal studs. *Fans self* Oooohhhh myyyyy.

2.) Lovely and Lush Bag via Modcloth

I really need a cute as fuck small bag for more fancy occasions. I know this wouldn’t be considered very fancy to most, but you know I can’t just be carrying around some plain thing, haha.

3.) Batman Arkham Knight

WHOOO’S STOKED? It’s no secret that I love BatmanAnd one of my favorite corners of the Batman universe are the Arkham games. Great gameplay combined with an obvious love and respect for the source material make for some AWESOME games, and I am so excited for the next installment with one of my favorite villains at the forefront: Scarecrow.

4.) Flying Burger People Eater Sweater via Modcloth

This one isn’t out yet, but ohhhh do I need it! I love cheeseburger themed things, haha. And can you have enough mint-colored sweaters, really, especially now that it’s fall in my neck of the woods!

5.) “Don’t Be a Prick” Wood Slice Painting by Jesiiii

Words to live by on an adorable little cactus!

6.) Cupcake Boobie Mesh Top by Knickerocker

Oh how I wish my titties were a little more shapely! This is a really cute, cheeky, playful top. All of Knickerocker’s stuff is SO cute and SO confident. Maybe some of their other stuff would suit my bod, haha.


Wednesday Wants Vol. 24

Hey y’all! Today I have an interview at a library, so wish me luck! Eeeeep! I am, generally speaking, a good interviewee. I’ve never not gotten a job that I’ve interviewed for. But still. There’s a first for everything and I gotta make sure to turn on the charm!


1.) Pink Mushroom Patch by ????

So I saved the picture a while back with the name of the shop, but now I CANNOT find that shop for the life of me. I also did a google image search for it– no dice! But whatever. It’s so super cute, I would cover a whole denim jacket in just this patch!

2.) Bumblebee Bow by Always Anchors

As you know, I loooooove bumblebees and honeybees! I just dyed my hair red again, so I’m looking forward to wearing a lot of yellow– woohoo!

3.) Bow Skinny Jeans from Many Places

I was able to find these jeans on a lot of different Chinese websites! I recently gained quite a bit of weight because of stress, but when I lose it again (the sizing on those sites is very small!!), I’m absoLUTEly getting a pair of these.

4.) Alien Plugs by Magic Circle Clothing

AHHHHH. Give them to me, now!

5.) Whatever Shirt by fASHLINdotcom

Look at these awesome 90’s ladies as aliens. Look at them. Put them on your body! Seriously, though, Judy was one of my very favorite characters when I was a child. So ~dramatic~

6.) Pastel Kaiju Negora by Max Toy Co

Cute cute cute cuuuuuuute! I could never afford a Kaiju Negora (they’re really surprisingly expensive!), but man do I love them! Especially the pastel ones!


Wednesday Wants Vol. 23

What up dudes?! It has been a busy week at work for me! Next week is summer reading, so libraries all over the country are losing their brains trying to get ready. I make the displays, so I’ve got no time at work to blog (wha? who said that? I don’t do that! that aint me!). But I DO make a hella great display, so it’ll all be worth it!

1.) Booster Gold: Future’s End by DC Comics

Booster Gold is back! Hooray hooray! It’s no secret that Booster is my favorite character! So even when I’m utterly terrified that he won’t be portrayed in a way that is faithful to the spirit of the character I’ve come to love, I’m still excited that he’s getting any attention at all! But what dafuq is that powered armor? Yuck-o!

2.) Jupiter Star Power Stick Necklace by Starlight Deco Dream

Sooooooo dreamy, I need it! When I was a kid, I really looked up to Sailor Jupiter! She was always trying to reconcile her outward appearance and reputation with her love of girly things and gentle heart. As a kid with a reputation for being a troublemaker (thanks a million, ADHD-PI), she was an idol for me!

3.) Free WiFi Muscle Shirt by fASHLINdotcom

Can’t explain why I need it, but dang. I do. Because all anyone ever wants is free WiFi!

4.) Striped Dress via She Inside

I’m really into pleated skirts right now because they make hips look a bit bigger. Now, my hips are plenty wide, but I like them as wide-looking as possible! I might be one of the few people on the planet who feels this way, but I really like a good set of hips! It helps even out my ridiculous bust and just looks purdy, if you ask me!

5.) Studded Boots via ASOS

These boots are SO over-the-top! I’m totally in love! I like things that try so hard to look tough that they’re just obviously not tough at all! Just like me!

6.) Marty McFly Funko POP! by Funko

McFLYeee! I had and still have the biggest crush ever in the whole world on Michael J Fox! What is he? Like 50 years old now? Here’s a thing: when I first met my now-boyf, I thought he was so cute because he;s tiny and had a boyish face and voice, just like Michael J Fox, heheh.


Wednesday Wants Vol. 22

Another Wednesday is HERE! The coming weekend for me is going to be C-RAZY! I’m getting my roots touched up and then I’m touching up my berry hair. On Sunday it’s my boyfriend’s birthday! He’s turning the big 3-0! Not only that, but it’s also his dad’s birthday! But wait, you say? Isn’t this Sunday Mother’s Day in the US? Yes! It is! So we’re celebrating him, his dad, his mom, and my mom! Busy busy!

1.) Beige Tulle Skirt via ChicWish

I’m just dying over tulle lately! I love dressing it up with something really tough or edgy looking like a studded denim vest or a leather jacket! I want a tulle skirt in every color and won’t stop until I’ve got ’em (or become bored with ’em, haha).

2.) Get Into Orbit Shoes via Modcloth

What has two thumbs and STILL aint over galaxy print?! THIS gal right here! Galaxy till I die!

3.) Cat Tank by Original Cat House

I loooove this! Tucked into a high-waisted circle skirt or worn over some daisy dukes? Woohoo! Love weird cat stuff!

4.) Impress Rehearsal Dress via Modcloth

Again, this is something I’d dress up with some edgy pieces! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still wear a big-ass bow in my hair– but big, shiny, studded black boots are what would make this great!

5.) Glittery Wooden Bowtie Necklace by Ladybird Likes

I still swoon over everything in this shop! I’m definitely not above wearing an actual bowtie, but wearing a necklace with a bowtie made of wood makes it a little bit sweeter and neater!

6.) Diamond Patch by Homework Party

Can you tell I just really want to deck out a denim vest or jacket right now?


Wednesday Wants Vol. 21

WOOOOAH. Hey dudes. Sorry for the absence– I’ve been all over the place lately. With Steve going back to his job this month, things have been hectic with only one car. Usually he would just ride his bike, but it’s still a bit chilly and rains like a sunuvabitch. So a lot of my time outside of work is used to get him to and from work. Busy busy!

1.) Sailor Moon Patch by Cherriesama

Uhhhhhh yes please!

2.) Mouse Patch by Cat Coven

Awwww jeeze! This is too cute! I really love rodents and used to have two rats and they were just the apples of my eye! I’d love to have some rodent pets again, but my heart is too weak to handle their eventual passing away right now… But the patch is sure cute– too bad, it’s sold out :(

3.) X-Files Conspiracy Hardcover via Things From Another World

A comic book series about the Lone Gunmen? Yeah-huh!

4.) Doctor Muscles Cap by Burger and Friends

Because of my muscley beach bod that I totally have.

5.) Rolling Pin by Valek Rolling Pins

Dudes, for real! Go look at that shop! So many really cool rolling pins, it was really hard to choose! This one prints burgers and fries, but there are cats, lightning bolts, cats, and dinos! Omg.

6.) The Lion King Sweatshirt by We Love Fine

It’s no secret that The Lion King is one of my very very very favorite movies! I once went to the aviary, heard Lion King music playing in the background, and cried because I was so moved! I really truly love that movie. And I would rock this sweatshirt hard!


Wednesday Wants Vol. 20

Happy Wednesday, dudez! I’m feelin’ super exhausted this week even though I have nothing really going on. But the good news is hat I have a three day weekend! Friday is my 3 year anniversary with my fella, so I requested the whole weekend off, woohoo! Sunday is Easter and my fella’s brother is officially converting to Catholicism, as his fiance is Catholic. All-in-all, a pretty exciting few days to come! What do you have planned for the holiday?

1.) Peter Pan Collared Dress via Missguided

I’m loooooving this look lately. I really wish I could wear something that just hangs down like this, but oof. It would be a terrible with the bod I’ve got. I’m just not built for loose-fitting clothes.

2.) Seashell Belle Sandals via Modcloth

Waaahhh~! Soooo cute! I’m into Mermaid stuff right now (aren’t we all?), so these are too fuckin’ adorable! I think I may actually just get these guys!

3.) Took a Shower Patch by Hanecdote

I genuinely feel pretty proud of myself when I get a shower. It just feels like such a waste of time, having to make myself shower. Like, I could be watching Rupaul’s Drag Race right now, but I have to go stand in water for 20 minutes! Boo.

4.) Sculpture Pin Curl Tool

I’m super terrible at setting my hair up in pin curls. I’ve got the clumsiest fingers on planet earth, I swear! So I’d really love to have one of these!

5.) Dried Flower Plugs by The Gauge Queen

I haven’t begun stretching my ears yet, but you bettah believe I’ve got a butt-ton to plugs in mind for when I’ve got ’em stretched out enough!

6.) Nightwing Funko Pop! Figure via Superhero Stuff

My reaction to “Grayson?”

NOT. INTO. IT. But I’ll discuss why in depth later.

Nightwing 4ever!


Wednesday Wants Vol. 19

What up doooodz! It’s been a fun fun fun week! I got my hair waaaay bleached! Then I dyed it pastel pink. This is the first time I’ve done unnatural hair color and I. LOVE. IT. I was really self-conscious about the blonde, but the pink makes me feel awesome as hell! So fun! Adding in mint soon *winkwonk*

1. Moonrise Kingdom Notebook by Very Troubled Child

I love me a good Wes Anderson film (though I still haven’t seen Grand Budapest Hotel, grrr), and Moonrise Kingdom was cute cute cute! I really identified with Suzy, so this notebook designed to look like the book her parents had in the movie just speaks to me, man.

2.) Love This Life Panties via Modcloth

Here’s something about me: I LOOOOOVE lingerie. I’m obsessed with fancy undies and strutting around in cute underwear (and frankly, being totally naked– let’s be real). It doesn’t get much cuter than these with the cut-out over the booty! Awww! Though my booty could get into better shape before slipping into these, haha.

3.) Eyes on the Ties Blouse via Modcloth

UM. How could I NOT be all over this bear-print blouse. I’m loving the built-in lady tie blouses right now and the fact that it’s printed with tons of little bears is TOO. MUCH. for me. Oh gosh! You have to click through to see the bears, but jeeeze so cute.

4.) Dreamboat Come True Dress via Modcloth

The moment this dress hit Modcloth, I was like:

If I had them dollah billz, I’d have that dress.

5.) Tooth Earrings by Sleepy Mountain

Guess who’s getting her ears re-pierced this weekend? THIS LADY. I want to eventually get to the point where I can wear plugs, but one of the holes is closed up. So it’ll be a loooong time before I can start stretching ’em, but the first step is to just get them pierced, right?  In the mean time, these would be totally cute post earrings!

6.) X-Files Season 10 Vol 1 via Things From Another World

The X-Files was my first huge non-cartoon TV obsession and I was REALLY disappointed with how it ended. Luckily, in the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the story is continuing in comics! There’s even another comic with the Lone Gunmen as the stars! I haven’t gotten the single issues, but I GOTTA have the trade, dude.