October Wrap-Up 2014

The end of October is upon us! Is everyone stoked for Halloween? I’ve decided not to do much this year, as I am more broke than I’ve ever been in my life *cry-laugh* But I’ve had a really eventful month, so I can’t complain too much!


Here’s my hair progression of the month, haha! Currently HATING Little Mermaid Red on me, oh my gosh. I think it’s really just too edgy for me. I like it cute! I have to go darker/browner for my Ellie hair coming up, but after that, I’m either going dark green and blue, or back to coral. We’ll see how I feel!


So, I’ve mentioned before that my boyfriend is a war vet. He was part of the US Air Force for many years and was deployed four times. Upon separating, he immediately realized he was not cut out for civilian life. So for the past three years, he’s been trying to get back into the service, with no luck. Until now! He’s managed to get into the US Army Reserve and will be doing basic training in January. I’ll miss him, but I really want him to be happy and I know this will be good for him!


Relax. I’m not getting married. Yet. My boyfriend’s brother got married to his lovely fiance last weekend and it was a BLAST! I’ve always been absolutely obsessed with wedding and grand ceremonies celebrating a couples’ love, but I tried to tone down my obsession during boyf’s bother’s engagement, so that I wouldn’t steal any thunder. But now that their wonderful wedding has come and gone, my Pinterest Wedding board is filling up, I’m rewatching every episode of Say Yes to the Dress, and looking at venues.

Just to clarify, I was like this even before I started dating my boyfriend three and a half years ago. But I AM hoping that maaaaybe the question will come along some time in 2015? Heheh.

♫ What I’m listening to:

  • Weezer – Eulogy for a Rock Band (From Weezer (my favorite band)’s new album. So SO good. Really returned to their roots with this album in terms of feel and I’m just soaking it in!)
  • Capital Cities – One Minute More (First heard this while pissing in a Sheetz! Thanks to the magic of Shazam, I can listen to it for all time now)
  • Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (This song still means so much to me. I have really bad ADHD and have gotten used to and internalized the feeling of being being a failure. This song really helps me when I’m down)

♫ What I’m watching:

  • BoJack Horseman (So so so good! Hilarious and raunchy, but somehow a really moving story!)
  • Gotham (I feel like the show has a few tone problems, but I LOVE it so far! Best Cobblepot interpretation EVER)

♫ What I’m playing:

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Lots of issues with ADHD-I this month and I can’t seem to get anything done (including blogging, obviously). I got my old old job at the bookstore back to supplement my two days at the library, so hopefully I’ll be able to afford insurance and get ahold of some ritalin without it costing me an arm and a leg! Then perhaps blogging will come easier!


July Wrap-Up 2014

Hey dudes! Today is moving day for me! I’ll be driving 6.5 hours from Pittsburgh to Powhatan, VA in a car with no air conditioning, YIKES! But I’ve got a but-tonne of newly burnt mix CDs for the occasion and I’m ready to go! This wrap-up will be more of a “what the fuck has Elyse even been up to? Sheesh!” Well, here ya go!


So I had to get rid of the pink! I’ve got interviews coming up back home and I can’t be havin’ them knowing I’m just some punk, haha. So here’s my pearly ‘do (sorry about the skin-softening filter– I had broken out really REALLY badly that week). I’m going to try to get it to blond before my Wednesday interview. When I get a job, I’ll ask about their unnatural hair policy, heheh!


So we’re leaving Pittsburgh today. It’s been a really fun two years, but it’s just better to be near family right now. Frankly, while Pittsburgh will always be a second home to me, I’ve very excited to be going back home to Central VA. We’ll be living in a rural county called Powhatan with his parents, and I’m excited to be back in the country! I need my space, man.


A few weeks back, my boss gave me a SCOBY that he grew while brewing kombucha, and I’ve been going crazy with it!

What’s kombucha, you ask? It’s a fermented tea that’s consumed as a health drink! It’s very very simple to make. You obtain a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, kind of a mushroom with bacteria), place it in cooled sweetened black tea (or any kind of caffeinated tea!) and leave it for a week. Ta-da! You have kombucha!

The fun part is the second fermentation, though. You can strain the kombucha into bottled with fruits or juices added. If you leave it out for two days, then refrigerate, this carbonates it! You have a delicious kombucha soda! I’m drinking grape kombucha soda right now! :9

♫ What I’m listening to:

  • CHVRCHS – Lungs (Can’t explain how much I love this right now)
  • Guster – Amsterdam (The feel of this song is definitely reminds me of the happier times in my adolescence!)
  • Poliça – Wandering Star (New (to me) band to look out for!)

♫ What I’m watching:

♫ What I’m playing:

  • Destiny Beta (Mixed feelings. I wanted more of an MMO feel than a multiplayer FPS feel…)
  • The Last of Us Remastered (OMG. Gorgeous. Not a huge difference, but noticeable for sure!)


This week starts my regular posting again, as well as commenting on others’ blogs again! You’ll definitely be hearing more from me. I’ve even started a blogging calendar to keep me motivated and on track! 



May Wrap-Up 2014

Hey dudes! Wow! What a month. Well, not here on the blog, obviously. But in life, things have been a roller coaster! As usual, the fates were not on my side (I swear I’m one of the unluckiest people I’ve ever met), but we’ve made it to the middle of the year, and I’d dead set on making things go my way from here on out! So let’s wrap up May and throw that shit in the dumpster, shall we?


Let’s at least start with the good, shall we? A you can see, I’ve gone bright! On top is Punky Color Flamingo Pink fading down into Punky Color Plum! I’m really really fond of it and have gotten almost nothing but compliments! Even from people I expected would hate it! The purple faded a bit more quickly than the pink, so I’m going to do a good touch-up soon, but overall the staying power of this brand is TOPS compared to Manic Panic. A++ would use again!


Annnnnd the bad. The day after Memorial Day, I was stricken with the worst virus I’ve ever had in my entire fuckin’ life! I woke up and immediately told my fella, Steve, “something isn’t right…” How correct I was. A couple hours later, my whole body was in intense pain, I had a fever, I was too weak to walk. I thought sleeping it off would help, but after a short nap, the vomiting began. I have literally never felt SO bad in my entire life. With about a million precautions, I avoided spreading it to anyone. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy!


I’m gonna be straight with y’all. I am pretty much a history dunce. I LOVE history, but the way I was taught it in school never caught my attention. I cannot learn a million exact dates. Doesn’t the importance of learning history lie in the significance of the events rather than the day it occurred? Harumph!  But this mini series by the History Channel (just like The Men Who Built America) really captures my attention! I’m learning SO much I didn’t know about WWI and WWII! Love it!

♫ What I’m Listening to:

  • Remioromen – Konayuki (I used to LOVE this song and I’m obsessed with it again lately!)
  • N*Sync – Anything by N*Sync, basically (speaking of taking a trip down memory lane!)
  • St Vincent – Cruel (Very Cher-like, don’t you think! Which is a good thing!)

♫ What I’m Watching:

♫ What I’m Playing:

  • Uncharted (My boyf loved Last of Us so much, I’m having him watch me play Uncharted… Yes, he watches while I play, haha)

I really want to take the time to thank everyone for your really kind words on my hiatus post! Things are crazy right now for my boyfriend. I won’t get into the details, but it’s really taking a toll on the two of us. It means so much to me that y’all care enough to offer encouragement. We’ll get through it, I’m sure. Thanks so much! Love you guys!


April Wrap-Up 2014

Hoooowdy Part’ners! April has been a hell of a hectic month for me! My boyfriend went back to work (which means I’m driving him to and from work while it’s still cold), I had my three year anniversary, and my mom and aunt came for a visit! It’s been fun, but there’s never been a good time to post, argh! Let’s hope May is a wee bit calmer!

 Three Years!

April 18th was three years with my boyfriend! I remember that evening like it was only moments ago (I’ll tell you the story of how we got together some day– it’s cute, I promise).

I got him a 1-hour hands-on flight lesson at the local aviation school and he got me…. *drum roll*

 Sewing Machine!

That’s right! My wonderful, lovely boyf got me a sewing machine! You know what that means! Cosplay is in the very near-future! I’ve got a few beginner-level costumes planned out already! Can’t wait!

♫ Bianca Del Rio

Ohhhhh my lord. Bianca gives me LIFE! Not only is she HI.LA.RI.OUS, but she reminds me that it’s okay to be a furious grump, as long as you’re also a kind and giving person. She’s totally my hero and I’ve already been looking up tickets for live shows!

♫ What I’ve been watching:

  • Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 6

After my (only somewhat successful) giving up of reality TV, I’m back with a vengeance, and this season of Drag Race is probably my favorite! Even more-so than season 4 maybe!

  • My Cat From Hell

It’s baaaaack! I just really like cats attacking human beings, but then finally finding peace and happiness, okay?

♫ What I’ve been playing:

  • The Last of Us (yes, agaaaaain)
  • Habit RPG (as reviewed and recommended by GamerWife)

March Wrap-up 2014

Hooraaaayy! Finally a month that didn’t totally suck buns! March was a tame, but nice month with weather lookin’ up and lots of happy stuff is happenin’!


Yaaaay, finally! Didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it, but the good thing is that it’ll fade in only a few weeks and I can do it again any way I like! Sorry about my chapped as hell lips. I was out in the cold all night last night!


I went to my first Pirates game of the season last night (hence the chapped lips in the pics above) and it was AH-MA-ZING.We wond 12 to 2. Total annihilation! I’m a huge baseball fan and PNC Park is within walking distance from my house. There will be many more games in my future!


Need I say more?!!! About to rewatch the original entire series– anyone interested in goofy reviews? Heheh.

♫ What I’ve been listening to:

Right now, I’ve been writing a lot and I CANNOT focus on writing when I have music with lyrics in the background. So I’ve been listening to a lot of awesome movie scores to inspire! How can you NOT be filled with inspiration when listening to these great pieces of music?!

  • Lord of the Rings Score – The Shire (Concerning Hobbits) (Oh weeehhhh, I cry every time I hear it!)
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Score – Main Theme (This is a really really important piece of music to me. It solidified in my mind everything that Batman is. Tragedy, darkness, noir, but with a glimmer of hope in a dim world. And it’s composed by a woman, the late Shirley Walker.)

♫ What I’ve been watching:

  • Nothing yet, but I’m going to go see WINTER SOLDIER TONIGHT. AHHHH.

♫ What I’ve been reading:

  • The Magicians by Lev Grossman (Trying to make myself read fiction. This has been advertised as “Harry Potter for Adults.” And while I dislike the implication that adults can’t enjoy Harry Potter, I am liking this too!)

♫ What I’ve been playing:

  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicals (Tales of Symphonia is my favorite game outside of Ocarina of Time and The Last of Us. That it got an HD remaster is SO EXCITING to me. Gonna play for every ending, heheh!) 

February Wrap-up 2014

Hey doooodz! Wanna know how I feel about February right now?

Get outta here, man!

In all seriousness, though. It wasn’t totally a bust. There was early-to-mid month strife surrounding the acquisition of my Jeep, as you may recall. And there was also some drama about whether or not my boyf was going to be down below the Mason-Dixin line for three months as well. Spoiler alert: he didn’t go. But otherwise, things were pretty okay. So let’s get on with the wrap-up, shall we?

-New Jeep!

Near the end of November last year, my Buick blew a head gasket! Who the fuck woulda guessed that’s a real thing that happens and not just something old people complain about happening to their jallopies on TV?! Well, it happened and the car was essentially useless. Luckily, my family was able to get me a 2001 Jeep Cherokee for Christmas! WOAH. And now that my brother (who is a great dude as well as an excellent mechanic) fixed it up, I’m ridin’ around like a real badass.

Let me tell you, I’ve never experienced people driving so aggressively around me because of it. Dudes are lookin’ to dick-measure– cutting me off, looking over to see what kinda person dare drive a manly car on THEIR streets– too bad I’m a cute little lady, you weenies!

-Let the shoosting begin!


You saw it all last post, but my boyfriend got me a rifle for Valentine’s day (I swear I’m not nearly as woodsy as this post is making me out to sound so far). I finally got to shoot it yesterday, along with his pistol, and it was loads of fun!

Awww babyyyyyy! I put off watching the end of Breaking Bad for a really long time because I just was not emotionally ready for anything that awaited poor poor Jesse. So I finally watched the last 8 episodes yesterday with the boyf. And my emotional unreadiness was TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. Jesse, just fall into my arms you poor little puppy! Weehh!

So yup, definitely been ogling plenty of Aaron Paul pics, haha *wink wonk*

-What I’ve been listening to:

-What I’ve been watching:

-What I’ve been reading:

-What I’ve been playing:


January Wrap-Up 2014

Woaaah! January was one crazy month! I was plagued by a plethora of health problems and had to be sedated for a medical procedure for the first time! But I also lost the weight I needed to win my DietBet and am at my lowest weight since MIDDLE SCHOOL. HOLY BALLZZZ. Gonna keep going until I’m a sexy bikini babe!

– Sick as fuq!

In the first month of this year, I suffered: A stomach bug, bronchitis, a sprained rotator cuff (I coughed so hard, I fucked up my shoulder), and finally bleeding inside my stomach! Which leads me to–

– Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy!

Eeeeyup, that’s the inside of my throat and upper tummy tumm! I’ll spare you the view of the inside of my colon, hahaha! I was sedated for the first time during this procedure which was AWESOME. I don’t remember having fallen asleep at all. I was talking to the doctor, and then all of a sudden I was babbling incoherently to my boyfriend in the recovery room. So crazy!

I’m fine, by the way! Apparently stress is just ripping me all apart. Takin’ it easy and changing my diet is all I need to do. No ulcers, no cancer! Hooray!

Four words: Commander Charles Tucker III

I’ve watched Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I’m just watching Enterprise for the first time and OH MY GOSH I AM IN LOVE WITH TRIP. Trip Tucker where have you been all my life?!

What I’ve been listening to:

What I’ve been watching:

What I’ve been reading:

What I’ve been playing:

Hoping things look up for me a little in February!